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 Heson Industry Park,No.30,XingYe Road ,JiangHai Area, Jiangmen City,Guangdong Province ,China.
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      Jiangmen Heson lighting is an entity enterprise combine design, development and manufacture as one. We meet the market demands with advanced management and continuous innovation design in Lamp.
      Heson lighting is composed of mould factory, die-casting factory, hardware factory and lighting factory. There are a innovative and progressive design team, they study and develop new products. Our company have a strong production capacity, delivery in time and service to clients with high quality service.
      Our lamps design are fashionable and innovative, selected high quality materials. There are LED flood light, High bay light, down light, panel light, etc.
      We have perfect and scientific management system. All products are popular in domestic and overseas markets. Our integrity, strength and quality have gained our clients’ praise.
Warm welcome you to visit our factory and well cooperation with us.
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[email protected]  Jiangmen?HeSon?Group
Factory Address: Heson Industry Park,No.30,XingYe Road ,JiangHai Area, Jiangmen City,Guangdong Province ,China       Phone/Fax: 0750-3778922 / 0750-3778926
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